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The ELARC Parents Network


The ELARC Parents Network web site (™) is a grass-roots project owned and operated by all ELARC parents.

The information on this web site has been provided by ELARC parents based on their own experiences and reports. We try our best to assure that all of the information posted on the edited pages is correct, accurate and up-to-date. If you believe that any of the information on the edited pages is inaccurate, please contact and/or post a message on the elarc.netMessage Board. If you disagree with any of the opinions expressed on the edited pages, you are strongly encouraged to post your opinion on the Message Board.

Information on the Message Board has not been edited, censored or verified. These messages reflect the opinions of the person posting the message. We do not censor messages! Many ELARC parents feel threatened, intimidated and fear retaliation, and therefore wish to post messages anonymously. The anonymity of posters is absolutely guaranteed. Law enforcement agencies, however, are able to trace threatening, harassing, or otherwise illegal messages back to the original poster. For more information about the Message Board and how to post anonymously see Message Board FAQ.

The ELARC is one of twenty-one regional centers in the California Regional Center System. Unless otherwise stated, the information on this web site pertains solely to the ELARC.

We are staffed solely by volunteers. If you are an ELARC parent and wish to work on this project, please contact

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